Selecting Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet hardware is a more interesting style component of your cabinetry than you might actually think. While the color and finish of the wood are usually what people focus on initially, the hardware is aesthetically important as well. Whether the style of your kitchen is classic traditional, modern rustic or anything in between, you can and should match your kitchen cabinet hardware to the overall theme.


Count the number of drawer and doors your cabinets have, so you will know the exact amount of pulls and knobs you will need. Do not be afraid to mix and match finishes, as well as consider coordinating these fixtures. Chrome, nickel, glass and stainless steel are just some of the finishes you will find across kitchen cabinet hardware.

Tubular Bar Pulls. If there is one type of kitchen cabinet hardware that is completely modern, it would be this. You can match these to sleek contemporary cabinets that would be right at home in a New York loft or on traditrional cherry cabinets in the suburbs. Tubular bars look good in kitchens with mosaic tile backsplashes, pendant lights and dark cabinets mixed with lighter stone countertops.


Carved Tubular Bar Pulls. Put a little curve into your tubular bar pulls for another take on this modern style. The slightly rounded aspect makes these feel a touch more friendly and inviting than their more dramatic hardware cousins. Curved tubular bars can add a sense of warmth or give a contemporary edge.

Flat Bar Pulls. Whether vertical or horizontal, flat bar pulls offer a great transitional style that falls squarely in between the modern tubular bars and the classic knobs. These pulls look great on kitchen cabinets with Shaker-style doors and kitchens with glass backsplashes.

Curved Bar Pulls. With curved bar pulls, you can introduce just the right amount of decorative flair for a traditional kitchen. This style of cabinet hardware looks just as good on dark cabinets as it does with lighter wood tones, and really pops against stone backsplashes and marble countertops as well.

Artisan_polishnickelDark Knobs. Mixing kitchen cabinet hardware between pulls and knobs is a design trend that continues to grow in popularity over the years and allows you to pair the tradition of knobs with sleek modern pulls. However, if you prefer to stick to a traditional design scheme in your kitchen, go with dark knobs. They can contrast just as well with white cabinets as with those with light red wood finishes.

Brushed Metal Knobs. If you like the knob style and want to give your kitchen an old world feel, choose knobs in a brushedbronze finish.. The brushed or oil rubbed metal knobs are a versatile choice for lighter color cabinets and goes well with Shaker-style doors.

Choosing the right solid wood cabinets for your home and consider using under counter kitchen lighting as an accent when this room is not in use. Many kitchen designers add value to your decision making process. Whether your kitchen is cottage-style, contemporary or galley, complete the look with the right kitchen cabinet hardware.

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