Video Analytics Software and What It’s Used For

Video surveillance gives users the ability to observe and record events that relate to safety, security, operational efficiency, business intelligence and loss prevention. Through video analytics, video surveillance systems are enhanced by performing the tasks of real-time detection, post-event analysis and data extraction with less of the human element than ever before but in many cases, requires a programmer to write rules so the software can differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior. The goal is to improve you surveillance operations effectiveness and response to negative behavior.

Video Analytics Software for Detection

A best case scenario is to allow the video analytics software to detect various abnormal events in real-time or as close to real time as possible. This includes penetration of unauthorized vehicles or people into restricted areas; tailgating of vehicles or identifying people in secure areas unattended. Good software will help identify Irregular grouping or crowding situations; traffic obstacles that are out of the normal; catching asset removal from restricted areas and even something simple as unwanted loitering.

Video analytics software requires the user to define a set of events that the surveillance system operation should be alerted to. From here, it will carefully analyze the video in real-time, hopefully providing an immediate alert if a relevant event is detected. Unified video analytics platforms are able to detect a wide range of events that relate to people, vehicles and static objects in as close to real-time as possible. When you layer on a highly advanced artificial intelligence module to help define rules as they happen, you have the ability to detect and alert system users as some of these incidents actually occur.

Video Analytics Software for Investigation

Analyzing recorded video, one thing that video analytics algorithms can easily perform, is a challenging and time-consuming task for a human operator, especially in instances where a large amount of video has to be reviewed. Rehashing the scene of a crime without analytics software can take hours, days, and weeks and since humans get fatigued, crucial scenes get overlooked. With quick recorded video analysis, video analytic software is able to point out an event in the recorded video and extract relevant video segments from the video.

By using search queries, surveillance system operators are able to define the desired event parameters in a specific segment in a recorded video to help narrow down the amount of video data that has to be reviewed. Depending upon the sophistication of the software, some systems can read and analyze fractions of seconds with an unbiased view and asked to seek out abnormalities the human eye may often miss. This does not replace the need for a human investigator but it will certainly make them muck more effective.

Video Analytics Software for Intelligence

Video analytics algorithms are able to analyze recorded video to get operational and statistical data. Instead of the surveillance system operator manually reviewing the video and notating vehicles and people in a particular area, or seeing which roads are mostly taken, video analytics can automate these tasks. The data and period to be analyzed is defined, and the system gives results after automatically reviewing the video. The operator does not have to perform any manual review.

These systems can analyze recorded video so it can do various statistical analysis tasks that relate to cars and people. Such statistical information can be viewed in different formats, including heat maps, motion paths, visual charts and graphs. Important business intelligence anomalies can be reported immediately, so organizations can leverage their surveillance systems and utilize their recorded video to its full use.

The newer forms of intelligent video analytics are so advanced like the Avigilon video analytics software will continue to make security teams much more effective. There is an AI video surveillance company in Philadelphia that can plugin solutions to your existing surveillance camera systems in Bucks County and help you utilize older equipment more effectively.

Social Thinking for Some Does Not Come Easily

Social phobia is a medical condition characterized by extreme, consistent fear of meeting new people and being embarrassed in social situations. This is common among adults, social anxietyand it’s believed to affect one percent of children. Young people with social phobia are always occupied with negative views of themselves, and can be less adept in social interactions. Family functioning, peer relationships and school attendance and participation can all suffer because of a child’s social phobia.

Defining Social Thinking

Many parents are familiar with social skills for children, which help their child overcome their fears of being with other people and interact with others better. But social thinking goes beyond what is mostly taught in schools; referring to more explicit and concrete ways of thinking. Social thinking makes use of thoughts behind social skills. This term was coined by Michelle Garcia Winner, an expert in the treatment of people with social-cognitive deficits.

Social Thinking Activities

Thinking with the Eyes

A child that has social communication and social skill issues is taught about “thinking with his eyes.” Without talking, they will do an activity where the child looks at something and “thinks with his eyes,” and the therapist will guess which object he was thinking about. The situation is then reversed, and the therapist will look at an object and have the child guess which one. With this exercise, the child learns “thinking with his eyes” and learn what someone is thinking about.

The Group Plan

In this activity, all the kids are asked to do a particular activity together. And if one child walks off and starts doing something else, he’s following his own plan, and not the group plan. Children might need individual practice at first, and progress later to group practices. To benefit from social thinking, children needs to have at least average language skills. It’s also important for families to reinforce these skills at home.

Teaching Methods and Lessons

anxious-kidsSome teaching methods in social thinking include positive reinforcement, video monitoring, visual support and role playing. In these activities, the children are taught non-verbal communication, perspective-taking, self-control, flexible thinking, negotiating and problem solving, initiating conversations, hidden social rules, abstract language and group dynamics, among many others. A certified clinician will be with the child every step of the way.

The lessons vary depending on the age and ability of the child, ranging from learning about thoughts and both expected and unexpected behaviors to self-advocacy to smart guesses. Remember that social thinking goes beyond social skills training. Social thinking address the thought processes present in social interactions, helping children carryover and apply social skills to new environments and contexts.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing and treating social phobia with social thinking can be a challenge. A trained clinician who’s had experience working with ADHD children should integrate information from the school, home and clinic to make a diagnosis. Supportive environment and flexibility are important to help kids overcome social anxiety and achieve success in school. Both the parents and school faculty should work hand in hand in reducing the child’s challenges.

Trenton Mercer Airport Causes Noise over Yardley Borough

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), created in 1958, is a regulatory agency that has long been known to protect the public, insisting safety standards for commercial airlines are adhered too. But with the Trenton Mercer Airport of Mercer County, this might not exactly be the case. In fact, a lawsuit was filed in Federal District Court in Trenton against FAA.

An FAA administrator stated that once the FAA approves an airline can start with a few flights at an airport, the airline can then increase their number of flights without the need for FAA to review the hours of operation and flight frequency. It appear there are now over 60 flights per week leaving and arriving from the Trenton Mercer airport. There is obviously a big difference in airport noise with a couple of flights a week and the noise pollution caused by 60 flights per week. The small borough of Yardley Pennsylvania is located just under the flight path for one of the airports runways and the residents there are fed up. We spoke to several business owners and they hear the complaints.

On September 19, 2012, Frontier Airlines sent the FAA a short email that asks for the approval to make two flights a week from Trenton Mercer. A few days later, an official from FAA sent Frontier a memo that grants the approval of this request, and called it an “Operations Specifications Amendment.” But, now, the FAA claims that this amendment gave blanket approval for Frontier to make as many flights it wants from this airport without the FAA reviewing its impact.

According to an FAA official cited in another article, when the amendment of Frontier was approved to allow it to operate at Trenton Mercer Airport, there is now no need for Frontier to get further FAA approvals. These matters are business decisions that are made by the air carrier without having to involve the FAA. It is our understanding that there are now a number of lawsuits filed by a grassroots group of residents living in Yardley, Lower Makefield and Upper Makefield known as BRRAM. We are writing about this to help support and create some awareness of BRRAM. This organization is trying to get an environmental impact study done by the FAA using an independent third party. There are plans of expanding the airport facilities and perhaps increasing its popularity with air travelers. These studies are expensive and this group is the local advocate for residents of Yardley, Lower Makefield and Upper Makefield townships in Bucks County. If you wish to get involved on the Airport Action Meeting, visit this website for more information.

Many of our parents are discussing this topic in our waiting room. We provide dentistry for children in Ewing, Mercer County as well as those in Bucks County. Both these areas are impacted by the noise pollution. We are also considered the best kids dentist in Pennington, Washington Crossing and Upper Makefield area and therefore concerned about what is the environmental impact is to our region.