The Key to Choosing a Great Preschool Program

keystoneIt can be bittersweet to send a youngster to school for the first time. While it’s exciting to see your son or daughter form new friendships and learn new skills, it’s often difficult to place your child in someone else’s care. As a parent, you want to know that the school you choose offers a nurturing environment and is staffed by dedicated, highly skilled educators. How can you be sure of the quality of the pre-K program you’re considering?

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

The toddler and preschool years are a time of tremendous learning and growth for children. In addition to developing skills that are foundational to later work in academic subjects, preschoolers also master many practical and social-emotional capabilities such as collaborating with peers, solving problems, taking initiatives to meet their own needs, and regulating their emotions. There is a growing awareness of the critical impact a quality pre-K experience can have on students’ later successes in school.

Removing the Guesswork

Knowing the importance of early childhood education, Pennsylvania developed the Keystone STARS rating system to help parents assess preschools where they might send their children. This system provides you with an objective, consistent, research-based set of standards you can use to compare the merits of various preschools in Langhorne, PA and its surrounding area. This rubric rates programs using specific criteria that address the qualifications and skills of staff members, the environment the school provides, and the daily operations of the facility.

What is a STARS Facility?

All programs rated by the Keystone STARS guidelines meet a baseline standard that allows you to be assured that your child is in a safe, supportive environment. These facilities adhere to the following criteria:

  • Certified by the Department of Human Services or registered as a Family Day Care Home
  • Language skill and literacy development
  • Ongoing teacher training/professional learning
  • Early academic activities
  • Family involvement and communication with staff
  • Social emotional learning and self-esteem development

Pre-K programs in Bucks County are awarded more stars as they provide more rigorous standards and offerings within these categories. For example, a STARS level 4 facility has received a high score on a nationally recognized rating scale, and at least two-thirds of its staff have, or are in the process of completing, credentials or degrees.

Quality Counts

Sending your child off to school for the first time is one of the biggest steps you’ll take as a parent. You want your son or daughter to have the strongest educational beginnings you can provide. With the Keystone STARS system in place, you can be assured of the quality of a preschools near me that you are evaluating for your child. Not all pre K programs in Levittown should be considered equal.

Preventing Expensive Dental Work Requires Regular Visits as a Child

Kid’s DentistAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental caries affect upwards of 25 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 5 in the United States. By the time children reach the ages of 12, half of them are estimated to have serious tooth decay. The state of a person’s teeth when they are young is a fairly reliable predictor of what their teeth will be like when they are older.

If preventative steps are not taken throughout a child’s life to temper cavity development and keep teeth healthy, expensive dental work will almost certainly be required at some point in the future. For this reason, it is important for parents to dedicate themselves to finding the best kid’s dentist near them and start taking their children in for regular visits once they reach the age of four or five years old. Worried about the costs associated with regular dental visits? Regularly taking your kids to an affordable kid’s dentist is actually less expensive than trying to treat years of dental neglect later on.

What You Can Do to Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay

Prevention is the most effective way to keep cavities at bay and prevent them from developing into more serious dental issues.  When children are brought to a dentist for regular checkups, they are less likely to require extensive (and expensive) dental work. This is because it takes time for dental conditions and diseases to develop, and if they are detected early on they can normally be treated with minimal cost and invasiveness. Here are a few things you can do to promote dental health in your child:

  • Religiously schedule 6-month checkups from the age of 4 and upwards.
  • Avoid feeding your child excessive sugar, which has been linked with tooth decay.
  • Teach good dental habits like brushing twice each day.
  • Understand that dental decay is more about dental care than it is about genetics.
  • Feed your child a healthy, balanced diet that will facilitate proper dental development.

If childhood dental diseases are left undetected and untreated, they can develop into more serious conditions that require more aggressive treatments. Allowing a cavity or other dental issue to progress unchecked will not only cause your child unnecessary pain, but can also negatively affect his or her dental and overall health. Find yourself a great pediatric dentist in Levittown or your home town that connects well with your child.

Above all, it is important to realize that proper dental care for your child is well worth the cost. Regular dental checkups will not only help keep your child free from dental pain, but will also help you avoid expensive dental repairs and treatments down the road.

An Interventionist Helps the Alcoholic Become Willing

Alcohol InterventionsIt is devastating to watch someone you care about succumb to the control of alcohol. Many people simply warn that the alcoholic is on a path of self-destruction, or that this abusive behavior is tearing the family apart. The user, however, is already too deeply entrenched to care about the consequences to others.

Approach the Relationship Differently

If you are going to help the alcoholic, you will have to readjust your relationship in such a way that you motivate the user to seek professional help. Keep in mind that this person is in a state of denial about addiction. He or she must take the initial step of accepting the idea that there might actually be a problem. You can’t do this for them. The next step is for the user to consider that seeking professional assistance might actually be a good idea. For example, if you live on the east coast, finding a professional that does alcohol interventions in NJ could be extremely helpful.

Encouraging Responsible Behavior

Do not excuse any behavior that is caused by drinking. Don’t call in sick on a user’s behalf if he or she is too hung over to make it into work. Do not clean up after the alcoholic who vomits or becomes incontinent. This is not your responsibility; this is the user’s responsibility. Certainly never give money to drinkers and do not purchase alcohol for them. By enabling the alcoholic, you may delay an eventual bottom they must hit. Living in unhealthy conditions may not be acceptable to you therefore moving away from the alcoholic for a period of time may be required.

Focus on Effective Conversation

Always remember that the alcoholic needs to be the one to make the decision to seek help, but you can help bring that about by using a few simple conversation standards:

  • Try to stay neutral when you talk with the user
  • Do not directly disagree with his or her views
  • Conversely, do not pretend you agree with this individual
  • Ask open-ended questions that require more than yes or no answers
  • Avoid making statements of fact whenever possible

Be prepared for resistance when the sensitive subject of alcohol recovery programs in NJ or away from your home state comes up. Let his or her negative comments roll off your back and avoid becoming defensive yourself. Try to encourage the alcoholic to seek outside help, always trying to make this person see the value of taking responsibility for his or her actions. Staging an intervention for alcoholics might be required to motivate the user. Encourage and support those directly affected like children, immediate family members and close personal friends as you are all victims in a common war against a ruthless enemy, Alcoholism.

Set Your Boundaries

Realize that subconscious influences are guiding the user’s actions. Exercise patience, but be prepared to set your own boundaries. You may have to discuss your limits with the alcoholic, and they amount to two decisions: either the user gets professional help or you leave the relationship. Do not make this an idle threat; be prepared to follow through. Always keep options in the back of your mind. Helping an alcoholic return to a clean, productive lifestyle often takes large helpings of tough love.

Kids Who Fall Behind in Reading Need a Boost

Auditory ProcessingIf your child doesn’t enjoy reading, boredom may not be the problem. It is not uncommon for young readers to find that their minds wander during reading due to reading comprehension problems or underdeveloped reading skills. Your child may not be able to tell you why they dislike reading, and you may mistake their frustration and inability to focus as disinterest, boredom or even rebellion.

Since the ability to read provides the foundation for all future learning, it is important not to ignore the problem or give in to frustration and tell your child that reading well is not important. If you think your child could use some extra help getting their reading skills up to par, find an auditory processing disorder treatment that may be a good fit.

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Kids who have auditory processing disorder often find it difficult to make sense out of the sounds and words they hear every day. In some cases, children who suffer from this disorder also have anxiety or attention deficit hyperactive disorder that can make their auditory processing disorder symptoms even worse. Kids who have auditory processing disorder often exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Intense frustration about school
  • Poor grades
  • Problems interacting with peers
  • Mispronouncing certain words (such as saying “dat” instead of “that”)
  • Inability to read well

There is no medication available for auditory processing disorder, but treating other accompanying conditions such as anxiety or ADHD with medication may help lessen the effects of auditory processing disorder in some children. It is important to talk with your child’s doctor when assessing whether or not medication is the right choice of action for your child’s symptoms.

How Can Non-Medicinal Treatment Help?

Although there is no medication for auditory processing disorder, there are programs available that effectively help kids learn how to recognize sounds and read words more fluidly. These programs focus on building a strong foundation of reading skills in younger children and developing reading comprehension and critical thinking in older kids. These programs are designed to discover and address the root cause of your child’s comprehension and improve cognitive function.

Children who successfully complete auditory processing disorder test in NJ may find themselves good candidates for programs like the Fast ForWord home tutor typically improve in the following areas: sequencing, attention, processing rate, vocabulary, reading skills, recall and grammar. These skills help children attain higher levels of success academically as well as socially. Kids who know how to read and learn effectively are more likely to become competent adults and successful professionals later on in life.

Cloud Based Collaboration Needs a Hub

Cloud ComputingWith its business-oriented tools, enterprise software has been on the scene many years and drives such operations as project management, network management services, IT service management, automated billing, online payment processing and many other programs. In most instances, a collection of computer programs provide common business applications for an entire organization. However, in 21st-century computer technology, cloud-based collaboration and interconnection for businesses of all kinds is becoming increasingly important. The digital workplace is mobile and requires fast, secure connections and cloud services that can be distributed among offices, employees and business partners located anywhere in the world.

Life in the Cloud and Beyond

In its simplest terms, cloud computing refers to Internet-based computing that provides users as large as mega-corporations and as small as home-based businesses with on-demand access to a shared pool of resources. These include document storage, networks, servers, applications and services. Advocates cite a number of advantages to cloud computing:

  • companies avoid upfront infrastructure costs
  • improved manageability for applications with less maintenance required
  • IT staff can adjust more rapidly to fluctuating business demands

High-capacity networks plus low-cost computers along with service-oriented architecture have led to the growth of cloud computing. However, customer requirements for high-performance network management and reliable, collaborative infrastructures are in demand.

Out With the Old

New ways of working are constantly appearing on the computing landscape. Trends in collaboration are also evolving and reshaping tools and applications, making them into ecosystems that can be connected to one another. As a result, older network architectures are feeling the stress because their traditional infrastructures were not built to handle these increased levels of collaborative activity.

Operating From the Hub

This growing need for collaboration among companies and organizations in today’s business world requires greater agility and coordination between networks. Enterprises and providers of cloud services are addressing this with Interconnection Oriented Architecture™, or IOA™. This allows users to securely connect locations, people, clouds and data.

The Benefits of Interconnectivity

Connecting through a virtual private cloud network provides improved application performance and faster migrations. Swift, secure and cost-effective connections result in seamless collaboration and improved productivity. What was a VPN service provider years ago has now transformed into a network management service for his middle tier and enterprise clients. An IOA interconnects customers, partners and employees using their preferred channels, devices and services. IOA provides the enterprise customers of service providers secure access to clouds and network management services, plus more collaboration and productivity applications.

Direct interconnection allows people in businesses of all kinds to adapt quickly to change, react in real time, leverage their digital supply chains as well as peer-to-peer sharing, and create better value and new growth.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Shore Homes

Beach House BathroomThe ideal beach home should be bright, inviting and peaceful. Whether your beach home is your primary residence or vacation destination, it should feel like you are stepping into an oasis when you walk through the doors. This is especially true for the bathroom, which is a primary room where most people spend at least a portion of their day. If your bathroom currently feels more like a dungeon than an oasis, here are a few bathroom renovation ideas that will transform it into one of the most relaxing areas of your beach home.

  1. Freshen up Your Color

Dark, moody colors were never really in style for beach homes and can make your bathroom look sullen and dreary. Never underestimate the power of color when it comes to shaping a certain mood. If you want your bathroom to take on an ethereal, heavenly look and feel, try painting it in pearly white tones or various shades of off-white. You can also capture the soothing calm of the ocean by painting your walls in light ocean-blue or seafoam green colors.

  1. Set the Mood With Lights

Take a moment to examine the light fixtures in your bathroom. If they fail to elicit pleasant feelings in you, switch them out for light fixtures that set the mood you want. Romantic brass and cream wall sconces that shed warm light are perfect if you want your bathroom to feel dreamy and spa-like, while shiny silver fixtures and crisp white bulb covers are perfect if you want to infuse energy and a feeling of cleanliness into your bathroom.

  1. Focus on the Tub

If you’re not currently in love with your tub or if it just seems wrong in your bathroom, get rid of it. Your tub should be the focal point of your bathroom and needs to have character and appeal. More importantly, it needs to be the ideal place to retreat to and relax your cares away. If you’re looking for old-fashioned charm and classic allure, look for a freestanding claw foot tub with bold brass fixtures. Even simple-looking freestanding tubs can be dressed up when placed on a deep step decorated with customized tile floor work.

  1. Incorporate Warm Woodwork

If you want to add a rustic touch to your bathroom, incorporating woodwork in brighter tones throughout the room is the perfect way to achieve your goal. From flooring to vanities to windows, there are plenty of places you can add splashes of rugged wood to your coastal bathroom retreat.

Track down a bathroom remodeling showroom in NJ or near you to help get a feel for the latest trends. Most good bathroom designs have a foundation in using your common sense and quality products. These simple coastal bathroom renovation ideas are affordable and easy. Best of all, they are effective ways to turn your boring bathroom into the dreamy paradise you always knew it could be.