Usage of Bath and Kitchen Showrooms In Remodeling

In today’s world, people are often obsessed with finding the easiest solution to a problem even if that means the quality suffers in exchange. While a quick fix can be acceptable, if you’re the type to put more care into your home improvement projects, then visiting a kitchen and bath showroom can offer an array of benefits over an online option. There are a few things that may affect your decisions when considering future kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas.

1. Function

Interacting with a new feature or appliance in person can be the biggest influencer on how well it will fit in your home. Although an object may look nice in photos, it’s possible that the design could have some conflicts with the layout of your kitchen or bathroom. Certain cabinetry with modern styles may be difficult to open since many don’t use exposed hardware, faucets may not run the way you’d expected, and countertops or floors may have a rougher texture than you’d hoped. It is always a smart idea to visit a showroom in person to test the items you’re interested in.

2. Texture

Materials can make a world of difference in comfort and design. Online images and descriptors can only do so much for the imagination, but being able to touch a material will give you a better idea if you’d like to live with the texture for an extended period. It’s possible that the tiles you like online could be rougher or glossier than you hoped.

3. Lighting

Online images can often distort colors depending on the amount of natural vs. artificial light in the room. The only way to get a real sense of how your potential bathroom fixtures and custom kitchen cabinet designs will look upon installation is to inspect them in person. This will allow you to spot any details that may not transfer well through the camera lens.

Along with these key factors, the biggest benefit of visiting an independent showroom is the opportunity to discuss your kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas with a knowledgeable designer. The experience and insight they can offer on what is trendy and innovative in the industry will allow you to expand your horizons beyond what you may have even considered. Some of the cabinetry with modern styles uses hardware that is recessed into the cabinets. Visiting a kitchen and bath showroom in NJ that has real life samples of the materials you are interested can alleviate any questions you may have.

Design Concepts for the Perfect Master Bath

When it comes to the design of spaces you use most in your home, a little luxury can go a long way. Master bathrooms can be one of the most important rooms to invest in at home. After all, this is typically the room in which you perform your morning and evening personal hygiene routines, so you want to make sure the ambience in the master suite can help you get your day off to a good start and end your day on a good note. Some features of a outstanding master bath experience if you are part of a couple include unique shower fixtures, functional his-her bathroom vanities high-quality countertops and storage spaces.

Double Showerheads

The perfect master bath is nothing without a luxurious walk-in shower. Going beyond the simplicity of a normal tub-shower combo isn’t hard to accomplish; however, a little extra investment in this area can yield great rewards in everyday comfort and the wow factor. One feature you may want to consider in your shower is the dual showerhead. Whether increasing the pleasure of your morning bathing experience or rekindling your romance in the evening, double showerheads are one of those bath design features that you won’t regret.

His-Her Bathroom Vanities

One challenge to designing your new master suite is organizing the space you have according to your needs. While double-sink vanities have become a norm in larger homes, if personal space is a necessity for a couple, you may want to consider his-her bathroom vanities. Not only are separate vanities a stylish and elegant way of designing the flow of your master bath, they can also minimize any arguments a couple may be heading for when his and her hygiene products are separated. Having been married for many years, the beauty products, lotions, potions and hair accessories can mount up over the years. We could have avoided some arguments if only we had individual vanities those years ago.

Quartz Countertops

Another aspect to consider is the maintenance required by various countertop materials. While cultured marble and granite have been traditionally heralded as the go-to bathroom countertop materials, the nearly maintenance-free beauty of quartz is an undeniable attraction in master baths. Various engineered stones and Quartz are very attractive, often less expensive and are easier to maintain than marble. Most kitchen and bath showrooms in NJ today offer a wide selection of countertop samples for you to check out. You will be blown away by the variety.


Building master bathrooms for couples can add great value to your home and your life. Whether it’s the extra counterspace his-her bathroom vanities provide, the luxury of dual showerheads, or the appeal of durable quartz countertops, these are just a few of the bath design remodeling ideas that can help to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Smaller Galley Kitchens That Have Style

Older homes and smaller properties often have galley style kitchens. They usually consist of two parallel counter spaces that form a hallway of sorts down the center. Essentially, your kitchen is laid out in one straight line. It’s usually more efficient but often tighter than a rectangular configuration that has been so popular with cookie cutter style homes. Smaller kitchen designs often need to be more organized than larger kitchens. There’s less walking space to work with for sure. This also means less storage space and therefore the kitchen cabinetry designer needs to be well thought out.

A Typical Galley Layout

The most common galley style kitchen design is one in which the refrigerator is on one end, while the oven and range combination is on the other end across from a pantry. The sink and food prep area go in the middle on opposite sides. For smaller kitchens, you might want to stagger the sink and cooktop to give two people room to work. Ideally, the refrigerator is on the same side as the sink.

Splurge on Appliances

In a galley kitchen, you can put a bigger portion of your remodeling budget into smart appliances for kitchens to get the most use out of your smaller space. Perhaps you can invest in a smart refrigerator that offers a screen on the front for watching recipe videos and helps making a shopping list easier. Consider appliances that go under cabinets instead of on the counter to save space.

Open the Space Through Thoughtful Planning

You’ll want to avoid making your kitchen feel like a small space. Cabinetry should be efficient wall units and shelving instead of tall cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. You’ll want to choose lighter wood colors with a high-gloss finish that will reflect the light and make the kitchen feel more open. Doors and drawers without handles will make the space look cleaner. Plus, you won’t be bumping into them whenever you turn around. As with any kitchen, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting plenty of light. Large windows that offer plenty of natural light can give the illusion of more space.

Purge Useless Gear and Appliances

Most people have kitchen cabinets filled with appliances they rarely use. In a galley kitchen, space is a precious commodity. Go through your tools and kitchen gear. Look at what you really use when you’re preparing the bulk of your meals. Storing a pasta machine when you only use it once a year is probably not a good use of space. When your cupboards are less full, you become much more efficient in your food preparation.

Smart Kitchen Design Makes Your Life More Comfortable

When your galley style kitchen design is well thought out, it makes cooking more fun. Smaller kitchen designs need to be tackled by a kitchen designer that has some experience and can be a bit tougher than some of the larger kitchen designs we see. The younger crowd are really into smart appliances for kitchens but you would need to be considerate of the rule, less is more.

Tips for Designing a Kitchen for Young Professionals

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to design with
convenience and style in mind. With the right design, prepping food, cooking,
and cleaning is easier than ever. If you are a young professional, before
moving forward with your plans to design a new kitchen, there are a few tips to
keep in mind to ensure your satisfaction once the remodel is complete.

Clean and Crisp Edges

One of the most prominent staples of a modern kitchen includes sleek
new cabinetry, simple counter-tops, and a layout with clean lines. A modern
kitchen designed for young people on the move often includes recessed hardware
for cabinets, hidden hinges, and a minimalistic design. Minimize clutter in
small spaces with modern storage spaces. Clean and crisp edges in a kitchen
layout also helps to present a much larger and more open space for guests and
for you while you are cooking.

Choosing the Right Colors

Most young professionals are moving fast but want to create an
elegant and modern kitchen to entertain with when they do. Choosing the right
colors for the space you have can be a key ingredient to your overall
satisfaction. Avoid choosing dark colors in your kitchen such as red and blacks
if you have a galley style kitchen area. Opt for colors such as white, light
grey, or pale wood colors for a more natural and earthy aesthetic to give the
appearance of more space. Select colors that are timeless and work well with
any type of decor and accessories you have in mind. Soft colors and off whites are
more versatile with most types of furniture and décor accents and will help to increase
a home’s value over time. Avoid choosing extremely bright colors or cabinets
and counter-tops that require a specific color scheme for optimal results.

Working With Smaller Spaces

When working with smaller spaces, smaller kitchen design options are numerous. With a smaller kitchen, consider vertical storage and cabinetry to maximize the area you have available. If possible, installing a kitchen island with additional storage below is always a great option if you have the space., Smaller appliances can be stored in the kitchen island cabinetry if you go that route. Smaller kitchen are often found in homes built before 1970. Here we recommend you find a kitchen designer for older homes to help you work within the structural limitations these homes have.

Use Smart Appliances

The younger generation of professionals enjoy using smart appliances for modern kitchens they are developing. Smart appliances range from traditional food processors, coffee makers, crock pots, and smart microwave ovens that can do anything regular ovens do. We have seen wine chillers that look like a small cabinet, intelligent toasters that never burn a piece of bread and the InstaPot multi cooker that combines 7 other appliances into one unit. So kitchen designers for young professionals need to be aware of all these appliance trends so they can help design modern kitchens that include space for these smart appliances and the power outlets they will need.

Kitchen Island Designs That You Can Dine On

Many homeowners desire a kitchen island designed for both dining as well as food preparation. Kitchen islands can create a simple alternative to a dining room without taking up too much floor space while adding value to the kitchen. As you start considering an island, consider how you want this feature to function and look. Here are a few island counter trends to consider.

Recessed Seating, Corbels, and Legs

Most kitchen islands designed with dining in mind have an overhanging surface that provides leg space and seat space without significantly increasing the overall footprint. Some overhangs do not require additional support while others have functional or decorative corbels.

Supports may be situated at the ends or middle of the island. The designer will need to factor in seating height to prevent guests or occupants from banging their knees. You can also choose a design with closed ends or open legs giving it a feel more like a table. There are also many options for shape of the seating area.

Chairs or Stools

The look and footprint of a kitchen island also depends on who is using this space. Try out chairs and stools to make sure the style you choose is easy for everyone in your household to use. The height of the countertop and seats should correspond to any physical needs. For example, seniors may require are rests for stability and children may have height limitations. Surfaces for barstool-style seating are typically 42 inches high. Don’t forget to consider the profile of the arms on any standard pub height chairs you choose. These may prevent you from tucking seating under the overhang when not in use.

Surfaces and Storage

A flat island surface can provide a simple look suitable for the center of a kitchen. Tiered kitchen island designs may be desirable for creating an area where it is easy to serve food that draws attention away from the functional portion of a kitchen. This layout may even combine a standard 36-inch high kitchen counter with a 42-inch barstool-height surface.

Moveable Solutions

Consider a moveable island on casters if you use your kitchen for a variety of purposes and want to be able to relocate the surface when you are entertaining large groups. With the exception of the wheels on the bottom, these kitchen islands can have almost any type of surface and custom cabinetry.

One or more of these dine-in kitchen designs may be right for your home. Consider moveable kitchen island designs for a compact or galley-style kitchen. If you have more space, contact a kitchen designer for big homes to determine how to make the most of one or more islands in your kitchen.

What Is a Project Manager and Why Do You Need One?

If you’re considering a remodeling project, hiring a kitchen designer may seem unnecessary and you would be wrong. Most designers are highly skilled at coordinating most aspects of your kitchen makeover in addition to the design aspects.A kitchen project manager will help you coordinate all the moving parts and there can be many. While it may seem that you can save money by doing the design work yourself or by hiring your own professionals, a project manager has the expertise and experience to manage the process via a systematic approach that may save you time and money in the long run.

Here are things that a kitchen project manager can do for you during your remodeling project.

Keep the Project On Time and Under Budget

Working under the assumption that you probably have a full-time job apart from remodeling your kitchen, if you choose to handle the remodeling yourself, you’ll be squeezing the remodeling tasks around your work schedule, working frantically during your evenings and on weekends. Most contractors schedule themselves Monday through Friday between 7 am and 5:00 PM. Remodeling jobs attempted to be complete around your schedule can take a long time and often using talent that is inexperienced or less competent.We know of DIY remodeling projects that have taken years to complete.

Even if you hire quality professionals to do the work, you don’t have the time to hover over them and make sure they are working at a steady pace, and unavoidable setbacks may delay a project by even the most diligent professionals. A project manager can establish a schedule that minimize delays and keeps the project running smoothly and steadily.

Vet Professionals and Ensure High Quality

Hiring skilled and trustworthy professionals is a long process that in itself and requires a lot of time invested in research on your part. A project manager can handle this time-consuming process of qualifying candidates, reviewing project details with those estimating costs and even hiring only professionals with a proven track record of high-quality workmanship and fully insured as to protect your investment for years to come. A project manager can also handle all the confusing permits and paperwork, coordinating with inspectors directly on your behalf, and making sure that the right materials are being used on your project.

Work To Understand Your Vision

If you’re looking specifically for kitchen cabinetry with modern styles, your kitchen project manager will usually has his finger on the pulse of which cabinet makers have the flare you are looking for. A project manager is your advocate, making sure that your vision is realized, and the end result is consistent with the vision that you originally outlined for your kitchen. In other words, a project manager can take your dreams and help make them reality. A Kitchen Designer for Younger Homeowners often has all the project management skills needed and is integral to the success of the remodeling process. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring a company that provides project management in order to successfully bring your project to fruition.

Designing Your Kitchen With Clean, Modern Lines

Farmhouse kitchens are known for their well-loved clutter and antique paraphernalia. Tuscan kitchens are filled with scattered bottles of vinegars and olive oil, and hanging bundles of dried herbs. What do these two kitchen styles have in common? The cabinets may have more details in the trim, woodwork and hardware. Often there is wallpaper, window treatments or tile patterns that include traditional flourishes for style. There may be an island that is likely to be a focal point in the kitchen. The overall look of these kitchens these types of kitchens is comfortable and lived-in. There is nothing wrong with such a style, but there is a more modern movement of homeowners that are designing with clean lines in mind.

Simple and Clean

Just what does a modern kitchen without the traditional flourishes offer that would appeal to those wanting to design a new kitchen? How about a neat, well ordered, lower maintenance kitchen where food preparation and the people in it are the main event. Modern kitchen design is especially attractive to working couples or singles that like the feel of a spacious and orderly kitchen.Light color cabinetry with clean lines, unpretentious finishes and simple hardware can set the stage for a wonderful evening of cooking or entertaining.

Streamlined Design

Modern cabinetry is easier on the eye and to keep clean. A single, straight run of cabinets and sleek stainless steel appliances are popular modern kitchen design features. Or, for a more streamlined look, you may be interested in press-and-release cabinets and drawers, which require no handles at all. Good kitchen island design incorporates not just a place to cook, but also an attractive place for guests and family to gather while you cook, and may be one of the most important areas your design. Sometimes the kitchen island can double as the dining table for couples on the go.

Sophisticated Neutral Tones

Waterfall countertops on the island are a trendy design element. Natural surfaces are more monochromatic in a modern kitchen and we are seeing homeowners opting for slate, concrete, soapstone or simple quartz patterns instead of busily patterned granite or marble. Smart appliances can be common elements for some kitchen designers in central New Jersey. Just as with your kitchen island design, light color cabinetry and countertops can keep the look airy and polished. A run of travertine, single color glass tile, natural stone or continuing the countertop material creates a backsplash that complements the cool steel of built-in stainless appliances for a sophisticated, modern look, but don’t be afraid to ground the room with a hardwood floor in complementary warm tones. Ideas for designing with clean lines in mind are endless. Be open and explore a few modern kitchen design photos to see if this style appeals to you.