Creative Product Design Ideas

If you want your
company to be a leader in your industry, it’s essential to have a constant flow
of creative ideas that lead to innovative products. Some companies may struggle
to come up with new ideas that lead to successful products. There are some ways
you can help promote creative thought in your staff and encourage the
development of unique product designs. Check out these tips to help you get
more from your staff in product development.

Focus on Solutions

One effective way you
can generate more ideas for product design is to focus on solutions instead
of the final product. Generally, all companies are in the business of providing
solutions to various problems for their customers. It’s up to your product
design staff members to develop items that solve problems in the form of
products or services.

Follow Product Category Trends

Next, it’s important
to have a strong understanding of your current industry’s product category
trends. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and perhaps develop
more thoughtful solutions. Attend as many industry conferences as you can, and
network with other leaders in your field to have a better understanding of the
current trends and atmosphere in your line of business.

Try Small Improvements

Another way to
generate new ideas is to look for improvements in your current product line.
It’s not always necessary to create an entirely new design that is vastly
different from your current inventory. Sometimes, the best innovations take
what is already in existence and improve it. Use customer feedback and staff
suggestions to make something you already have much better.

Study Examples of Product Design

Creativity can also be
developed by looking at other innovative product design ideas
for inspiration. If you and your team are having trouble brainstorming new product
ideas, looking at some of the coolest design examples from the past that can provide
you ideas about new ways of thinking. Studying these examples may help inspire
your team to create something entirely new and unique.

Partner With Design Firms

In some cases, it may
make the most sense to get some outside ideas from product design engineering
partners. In this situation, you can outsource your product design ideas and
get results for your toughest customer problems with a fresh perspective.
Partnering with a firm that specializes in engineering design services in your industry
to help you jumpstart your own new idea-gathering process as well. With a
specialized product design firm, you can focus your creative energy on making
decisions about designs instead of getting frustrated with the lack of ideas.

Encourage Creative Thinking

The final tip to help
your company be more creative is to encourage more creative thinking. Take more
time to brainstorm and encourage any suggestions about new products from your
entire staff instead of just a select few. Do more product
design team
building exercises and non-traditional work to access new ideas
from each team member’s creative side. Think outside of the box instead of
doing the same thing you’ve always done to get a different result. Creativity
is difficult to produce on demand, especially with new product design ideas. Chances
are you probably have some staff members who are creative thinkers but just
need a push. Your task is to find these diamonds in the rough. Our medical
device design
division spends 2 hours every Friday morning to brainstorm
new ideas. This time is always scheduled, and all employees are welcome. This
is generally the best two ours of the week.

Patient Testimonials for Dentists Help Boost Business

Patient Testimonials
For Dentists Help Boost Business

Like any other business, dentists need to attract new
“customers” to help them grow and prosper. Dental marketing can be
very competitive so not only do dentists need to get their message in front of
new prospects, acquiring positive patient testimonials have become a necessity
for most dental offices. 

Why Gather Testimonials?

Most people today are Googling to find anything these days and that is
certainly true for a new dental practice? In addition, the search engine that
is suggesting several pediatric dental offices near me,
Google presents several review websites for users to peruse. Many of these
review websites sort practices according to the quantity and quality of patient
testimonials. Therefore, a well-reviewed dental practice is more likely to rank
higher compared with other dental offices that have generated relatively less

Good reviews also inspire consumers to act. According to a report from Forbes,
online reviews
are perceived by 88 percent of consumers as
trustworthy. Akin to a personal recommendation, a review builds your
credibility and puts confidence in your prospect clients. 

Patients’ Testimonials Motivate Users

Typically after reading reviews for a business online, a consumer often checks
out the website first before actually making an appointment.

Therefore, having a clean and user friendly website is very
important for the dental practice.
Reviews can be found on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp in addition to
many others. If you want to feature good reviews on your own website, we
recommend you pull in the content from these external review websites in
addition to whatever you choose to add to your website directly. 

Video Testimonials Can Be Powerful

Consumers love watching video and devour hours of video
content per day from YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and a few others social media
platforms. So, don’t ignore video testimonials for dental
as an option for your marketing efforts.

Use the power of social media to let the testimonials about you reach more
people. Developing useful content for social media can keep your brand in front
of potential patients at a time when they are not ready to make that decision
and video testimonials can be a great piece of content to mingle among useful suggestions,
local event information and relevant topics. 

On Dealing with Negative Reviews

When dealing with negative reviews, local dentists should make every effort to engage
the dissatisfied patient offline, understand the challenge and then do their
best to rectify the problem, all off line. Then once the issue is resolved,
reply to the patient’s online review sharing with others how the issue was
resolved. Certainly you would want to encourage that patient that was upset
update their initial review with a more positive message. In todays world,
patients who write reviews have some serious influence over how future patients
decide on who will be their next dentist should be. Treat these influencers
with respect.

Most of the pediatric dentist testimonials
that we have helped garner for this dentist for kids in Newtown PA
have been 5 star reviews. We have also recorded a number of video
testimonials for this kids dentist
in addition to our regular videos on
dental topics
. Don’t ignore the role your current patients in
developing an stream of positive reviews for your dental practice.

Isolating Sensitive Voice Data for Transmission

Secure communication channels have long been one of the most crucial aspects of reaching successful outcomes in command and control situations. On the battlefield, voice transmission is an efficient means of providing real-time information. All types of campaigns depend voice communications through a chain of command to coordinate troops, to relay orders and disseminate directives from leadership.

Many factors have created a scenario in which military forces, elite police teams and others who rely on the secure transmission of voice and data have found themselves depending more on public IP networks. The widespread availability of service, even in the most remote areas of the world, coupled with the substantial cost savings obtained by eliminating the need for dedicated transmission networks make the use of the public internet a reality for the modern crime fighting in all types of engagement types.

Red/Black Encryption Architecture

 A longstanding concept in military COMSEC efforts is red/black encryption. The premise of the idea is to keep data separated based on its particular type – “sensitive” or “safe.”

  • Red Side Sensitive Data:

The red side of the system isolates all data that command deems as “sensitive.”  The red side receives and protects unencrypted data until encryption converts the information to “safe.” The red side of a COMSEC system stays secure through means of wire shielding and distance separation of the red and black sides, and in the case of software-controlled systems, through agency-approved isolation software.

  • Black Side Safe Data:

Once the encryption process renders the data “safe,” it moves to the black side of the system for transport. Personnel can use the Black area of the system to communicate all non-sensitive messages and transmit encrypted data received from the red side. Also, the black side receives encrypted information for transfer to the red side for deciphering.

VoIP Transmission Security

 Implementing a secure RoIP encryption measures when broadcasting voice over IP (VoIP) is a practical solution to keeping data uncompromised. One method of accomplishing this is by setting up two mirrored network systems isolated from each other except for a single secure data pathway between the two.

 When the need arises to set up a red/black dispatch, the dispatch operator sets the appropriate settings for a red/black switch to allow the applicable side to receive the message and to terminate the other side’s ability to receive. The black switch directs plain or encrypted voice data to the black side, and the red switch directs unencrypted sensitive data to the red side for processing.

Applying red/black protocol over RoIP gateways is a proven method for effectively securing voice communication. Working with a qualified encrypted communications vendor for military operations can provide a cost-effective and secure means of quick setup for battlefield communications.

Dentist Serving Children With Special Needs

Do you have young children with down syndrome or social phobias? If so, then it is important to find a special needs dentist who is prepared to accommodate you and your child. If you search online for a “kids dentist near me,” how can you know if the dentist will be one who is trained to serve children with special needs? There are several items you can look for to assess whether the pediatric dental group will be able to support your family.

  1. Offers pre-appointments. A pre-appointment is a time for your child to discover that the dentist’s office is a safe place. Your family will get the chance to see the spaces your child will encounter, meet the special needs dentist, and familiarize yourselves with any tools that the doctor utilizes to help children through the appointment. This experience will allow your child to feel comfortable in the dentist’s environment.
  2. Provides a dentist with specialized training.Only a few pediatric dental groups in your area will have a dentist who is specifically trained to work with children who have special needs. You could even ask the dentist what types of special needs children is he or she accustomed to working with.
  3. Maintains accessible office space.If your child is in a wheelchair, accessibility is most likely very important to you. Visit the office prior to your 1st appointment to ensure that your child can get around the office space without too much disruption. Check that the office has adequate thresholds, doorway widths and stability equipment to care for all your child’s needs.
  4. Gives sedation if needed. Often, a special needs dentist offers various levels of sedation to adequately care for your child during should anxiousness or proceed complexity appear to be an issue. Options range from mild sedation to general anesthesia. Discuss your needs and preferences with your dentist.
  5. Cites various experience. If the dentist and staff have worked extensively with a range of children with special needs, they may have strategies to handle common and unexpected needs. They will be more likely to have the ability to support your child. The pediatric dental group might even offer advice on oral care at home for your child with special needs.

Special Needs Dentist in Bucks County

The special needs dentist that is right for you is willing and eager to serve your family. Find someone who will meet you, who shows training and experience, and who operates in a supportive space with the sedation options your child needs. Search “kids dentist near me,” and check out the results to find the pediatric dental group that is right for you.

Kitchens Continue To Get Smarter

For consumers who are excited about the potential of having smart appliances as part of the kitchens in their homes, designing the right space is crucial with the functionality offered by smart appliances in mind. We recommend taking to the internet and checking out trend setting kitchen appliance brands by visiting Samsung’s Virtual Kitchen, LG home appliances to see what these connected devices can do. More and more appliances are being built with IoT features that allow them to be controlled from your tablet or phone.

Watch This Video of  Samsung’s Family Hub

Connecting Across the Kitchen

There are various options when it comes to kitchen designs with smart appliances but we are seeing the larger appliances using stainless steel and black stainless steel as the two primary colors. So, designers need to blend countertops, cabinets and flooring to offset all those shiny metal finishes. Smaller smart appliances such as coffee pots, blender, and microwaves are now available as smarter devices that take advantage IoT connectivity and digital syncing. These smaller pieces of equipment take on a more traditional look similar to older appliances, although we have seen some very futuristic coffer makers and sleek new dishwashers that show off the new technology contained within.

Modern Kitchen Design Features

If you appreciate the sophistication of a modern kitchen, you can find many ideas at your local kitchen and bath showroom or swing by the Miele Appliance experience in Princeton. Expect to see lots of reflective surfaces and high-tech materials that truly catch the eye. Bring a pair of sunglasses to reduce the glare. We have found that exotic woods can add extra luxury to a kitchen that is reflecting too brightly. Seating made of polished wood or Lucite is also a popular option. Your modern kitchen designer can make smart appliances look amazing with the right color stain on your custom kitchen cabinets.

Connected Appliances May Leave Your Home Vulnerable

Those who prefer something more traditional may want to tone down the shine. Too much connectivity to the internet may lend your home too accessible to unwanted virtual intruders. The kitchen should offer the family comfort and protection from a connected world but home network security should be considered carefully. Here is a list of 10 best practices for securing your home network.

1. Research the capabilities and security features of an IoT device before purchase.

2. Perform an audit of IoT devices already on your network.

3. Change the default credentials on devices. If the device you’re considering doesn’t allow you to change the default password, choose a different device.

4. Use strong and unique passwords for device accounts and Wi-Fi networks. Don’t use common words or passwords that are easy to guess, such as “password” or “123456.”

5. Modify the default privacy and security settings of IoT devices based on your requirements, not the manufacturer’s.

6. Use a strong encryption method when setting up Wi-Fi network access, like WPA2.

7. Because many IoT devices come with a variety of services (like remote access) enabled by default, be sure to disable features and services that you may not need.

8. Use wired connections instead of wireless whenever possible.

9. Regularly check the device manufacturer’s website for firmware updates.

10. Ensure that a hardware outage does not result in an unsecure state for the device.

Kitchen Design With Smart Appliances in Mind

In many cases, we design kitchens with modern appliances that function just fine without all that flash.We will feature both polished and casual elements for a beautiful juxtaposition of style. We may disguise your smart oven and hide your refrigerator behind a cabinetry finish, as well as recommend more complementary kitchen appliances. Open space and durable seating works well with a contemporary kitchen.

We encourage you to seek out reviews online and consult with your recommended kitchen designer that that you have selected for your project.

Take a look at this modern kitchen design portfolio here to help you stimulate ideas

5 Steps to Improve Press Brake Productivity

Let’s face it. When it comes to your metal fabrication shop needs, your main focus is on producing high quality results cost effectively. Equipment productivity is key to reducing internal costs and raising the margins of profitability on each job. If there are areas within your production process that slow down productivity, let’s identify them and find a few solutions that tend to bog down a fabrication flow. There are five steps you can follow to improve the productivity when it comes to the press brake operations.

Step 1: Organize the Workstation

Organization is important in any metal forming company with welding capabilities. If your operators must stop to find tools, this takes him or her away from focusing on operating the press brake. A cluttered workstation is also a safety hazard. There needs to be a place for everything within easy access. Operators should be trained to put tools back to specifically assigned spots so that they and others can access them anytime.

Step 2: Handling Tools Effectively

There are ways to do things that can have a huge impact. Most fabrication companies have a solid inventory of press brake tooling, each tool is relevant to a specific type of bend. Cutting corners on tool selection or not putting the time into choosing the right tool can add extra steps into the forming process. Stage-bending, for example, helps reduce the need to adjust or change die heights. Sometimes the decision to do stage bending instead of swopping out for the right tool can add more time than originally allocated in the estimate. Reducing overall set up time for each bending stage and lead to dollars in the bank. This all also leads to easier change outs and helps increase productivity.

Step 3: Take Advantage of Precision Tooling

Getting operators into better productivity habits is important. Have them work smarter and training them on the right tooling for each task is part of that. Segmented tooling allows the operator work with precut pieces to reduce waste and save time. That may require the blanks to be cut on a turret press or fiber laser cutting machine before it arrives at the press brake first. Furthermore, such operations reduce press brake tool wear, improves quality and lets you put less experienced operators on the job while reserving your more experienced operators for much more complex work.

Step 4: Use Power Clamping

A great way to reduce setup time is with power clamping. Operators can load and unload in front of the press, which goes faster than loading at the ends of the brake. It also saves space since front loading requires less space around the press brake. Up time for the machine is increased because it allows for clamp and seat tooling in one step.

Step 5: Use Control Technology Innovation

Finally, you should make use of any CNC programming installed on the press brake. If your operator is not fully trained on the full capabilities of the machine’s computer, let’s get them trained ASAP. Many of the CNC machines today can do so much more that they are currently being tasked with. Most machine manufacturers offer the training but require your operators to fly to a remote location. Our metal fabrication shop in Philadelphia brings the trainers to us and operators are trained on our machines. Don’t become one of those sheet metal fabricators that accepts the status quo as good enough. Continuous improvement should be part of the company culture.

Custom Panels for Modern Kitchen Upgrades

There is a huge cover-up going on in chic, stylish kitchens across the land. The cover-up was thought to be a trend fueled by modern manufacturers, but hiding kitchen appliances with custom appliance panels may be one of the biggest design successes in the last decade. Dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, and even televisions have become sight-unseen workhorses as they meld into the surrounding cabinetry. Because of this design change, kitchens are beginning to look sleeker and more streamlined.

How Did Hiding Appliances Begin?

With an eye for hiding what can be the biggest unsightly appliance in the kitchen, designers found that by applying custom appliance panels to the fridge, not only did it hide the fridge’s mass, it made the wall of panels more eye-catching and appealing. As cabinetry expanded over the whole area, kitchen appliances that blend into their surroundings became more the norm in upscale kitchens. Integration is more sophisticated with its clean lines than the outdated older appliances that drew attention away from the rest of the kitchen with their dull white appearance.

Why Hide Kitchen Appliances?

Consumers may choose to update and renovate to an ultra modern, contemporary, country, or old-world kitchen and fill it with shaker, inset, distressed, or beadboard style cabinet doors. Hiding the appliances with custom appliance panels often provides an elegant, yet artsy vibe so loved by kitchen designers in Hamilton NJ. The beautiful lines of the stylish panels expand the kitchen because the cloaked appliances don’t chop the room into pieces as the eye wanders over it. Besides making the kitchen appear much larger, the panels also allow the countertops and floors to become participants of the kitchen’s show.

What Else Can Appliance Panels Do?

For homeowners renovating guest houses, summer cottages, or luxury apartments, thinking outside the box with cloaking panels may allow chic design without requiring a sacrifice of style. Small appliances such as refrigerators or wine coolers can be hidden under cabinets, double as an island, or even cloak themselves into waist-high room dividers. They can also be concealed as end tables and mystery boxes in bedroom suites, finished basements, man caves, and exercise rooms.

Are Appliance Panels Another Trend?

Choosing to upgrade and modernize kitchens with kitchen appliances that blend is a trend that has been around since 2005, it is a design feature that allows for sleek, classic lines to extend from the rest of the house into the kitchen. For consumers looking to leverage custom appliance panels, look for designer kitchen design ideas to help create a showplace kitchen.