Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets Will Rejuvenate Your Entire Home

Why do people instinctively gravitate to the kitchen when visiting friends and family?  As if it is baked into our DNA, most homeowners lead their guests into the kitchen, do you? Is your kitchen presentable? When renovating a home, the kitchen is often the key focus for most people.

Upgrading Cabinets Can Transform a Kitchen

Great looking kitchen cabinets add value to a home. The actual styles of cabinetry vary greatly, and it is wise to not rush into these decisions. Ideally, consider hiring a kitchen design expert to help you create the atmosphere that takes full advantage of your kitchen’s personality and matches your lifestyle. This kitchen design photo galley breaks the styles down to three basic categories.

  1. Modern Kitchen Designs
  2. Traditional Kitchen Designs
  3. Transitional Kitchen Designs

Within in each you will find several sub categories but for this post we will keep to these 3 basic categories.

There’s Quite a Few Ways To Determine Your Style

Stripped to its essentials, your kitchen style should usually be bright and airy. However, there are many ways to achieve this, and your choices will dramatically impact the results.

Wood veneers used on cabinetry suggests a modern feel that is very trendy today. Smooth sleek lines, hidden hardware depict modern kitchen cabinetry for minimalists and aging hipsters. The more traditional style of natural wood grain, contoured woodwork and polished metal hardware are considered very classical. Be sure you buy the highest-quality custom made cabinetry. Most people are very savvy today and can recognize the cheap stuff with a glance. With either style, the right materials are essential and skilled installation to ensure a nice fit are important.

Lacquered cabinets offer a high-gloss and a very glossy finish but can be hard to clean and maintain. If you’re careful with cleaning and the lacquer is applied correctly, this finish can really lighten up a kitchen. White painted kitchen cabinets are still trending right now and we don’t see that “mister Clean” style ending any time soon.

Stainless steel is sleek and modern and is even being used successfully in traditional kitchen styles. Most contemporary designs use at least some stainless steel and professional decorators often recommend it as the central theme for high end effects.

Two new trends are natural materials for walls like bamboo and cork. Brick, stone, wood and various cloths weaves are being used for warm traditional looks. A custom kitchen design company  can help introduce you to unique designs, and cabinetry with modern styles create a cutting-edge feel to the room. Brass, copper and iron are also making a comeback for a slightly warmer look than steel.

Ideally, do your research and have some ideas to discuss with your professional interior designer before contacting them. There are so many options that matching them to your needs can be bewildering, but at least you can get a feel for what’s trending. Ultimately, they will be able to advise you regarding the best contractors to hire.

Contrast Is the Hottest Trend in High-End Kitchen Remodels

In most parts of the country, housing markets are booming. Smart homeowners realize they can use the equity in their houses to improve the overall value of their residential investment. Of course, few renovations are more advantageous than a kitchen remodel. If you are planning to renovate your home’s nerve center, you should think about contrasting colors when planning your new kitchen design. Here are four reasons contrast is the hottest trend in high-end kitchen remodels.

1. Contrast Is Different

Not many things are more frustrating than spending $50,000 or more on a kitchen renovation only to realize your new space looks like the builder-grade project a friend or neighbor already has. Even if you choose expensive appliances, countertops and finishes, your kitchen may not stand out without something more. Contrasting the colors found in your cabinet’s finish and the colors in your countertops is an excellent way to avoid that just-built, mass-produced look that is common in many homes.

2. Paint Is In

Wooden cabinets will probably always have a place in kitchens. Nonetheless, too much wood can appear dark, heavy and dated. By combining painted kitchen cabinets with wooden furniture, you can give your space a more stylish vibe. Try installing painted lower cabinets and wooden upper cabinets or vice versa to achieve a magazine-ready look. If you are married to the idea of having only wooden cabinets, try painting an island or banquette to achieve the contrast you are looking for.

3.Stone Is Hard To Match

With the elegant appearance and resilient surface of polished stone, marble, granite and even manufactured stone countertops have a place in any renovated kitchen. When looking through stone countertop styles, though, you probably notice that most types are varied and colorful. Matching natural variations is often impossible. When you add some contrast to your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about whether your stone countertops and cabinets match. On the contrary, the more the surfaces don’t match, the more modern your new kitchen looks.

4. Buyers Love It

If you want to list your house for sale, you should consider the real estate competition in your neighborhood. When buyers walk through your house, you want them to be wowed when compared to similar homes. A custom designed kitchen in Princeton NJ that looks and feels customized, will help potential buyers do a double-take when they see your home. If you do it right, don’t be surprised if you receive multiple offers from interested buyers.

Remodeling your home with custom kitchen cabinets is one of the smartest investments you can make. By adding some contrast to your painted kitchen cabinets and the stone countertop style you select, you take advantage of the hottest trend in high-end kitchen remodels. Remember, with a bit of contrast, you can likely create the kitchen of your dreams.

White Kitchen Cabinets Are Still Trendy

White Kitchen CabinetsFor homeowner’s looking to increase resale value, remodeling a kitchen makes sense. Still, swapping out old appliances, bad cabinets, and worn flooring requires a huge commitment. Unless you are planning to put your house on the market for sale immediately, you must live with the design choices you make. How are you to choose which cabinets to use? For virtually any space, white kitchen cabinets designed to fit your décor are still trendy. Here are a few reasons you can’t go wrong when you install white kitchen cabinetry.

Increase Visual Space

In many homes, kitchens seem dark and uninviting. When you look at most designer kitchen designs, by contrast, each room appears larger and brighter than they actually are. There is a reason designer kitchens look so great. In those rooms, white cabinets increase the perception of the visual space of the area. Since your eye doesn’t get caught up looking at dark wood or shadows, it focuses on other design elements in the room.

Promote Cleanliness

Whether you are a neat freak or not, you want your kitchen to look and feel clean. Since white is the color of cleanliness, white kitchen cabinets designed to fit help give your food preparation space a sanitary feel. Despite scrubbing, darker stained wood cabinets can often seem dull. Don’t let your guests think your kitchen is unclean. Instead, choose white cabinets to set a tidy tone for your home’s nerve center.

Complement Other Elements

If you’ve found the perfect slab of granite or the right refrigerator for your new kitchen, you may be concerned about cabinets clashing. That’s for good reason. If you choose too many bold elements for your new room, you risk getting a kitchen that looks busy and cluttered. When you opt for white cabinets, you can complement other design elements much better. Rather than having cabinets that contrast greatly with flooring, countertops, appliances, and other things, choose white and remove some of the clutter from your remodeled kitchen.

Invest in the Future

With a fresh coat of paint, white kitchen cabinets don’t show their age like other types of cabinets. Whether you plan to sell your house soon or own it forever, you can be certain your designer kitchen designs that include white cabinets will retain their designer, high-end look. Even better, if you decide to change design elements in the future, you will find that your white cabinets will be much more flexible with your new décor.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, you don’t have to be afraid of design commitments. By working with the right kitchen designer in Hamilton, NJ, invite the designer to suggest a few options of white kitchen cabinet designs. Two great minds work better than one.

Selecting Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet hardware is a more interesting style component of your cabinetry than you might actually think. While the color and finish of the wood are usually what people focus on initially, the hardware is aesthetically important as well. Whether the style of your kitchen is classic traditional, modern rustic or anything in between, you can and should match your kitchen cabinet hardware to the overall theme.


Count the number of drawer and doors your cabinets have, so you will know the exact amount of pulls and knobs you will need. Do not be afraid to mix and match finishes, as well as consider coordinating these fixtures. Chrome, nickel, glass and stainless steel are just some of the finishes you will find across kitchen cabinet hardware.

Tubular Bar Pulls. If there is one type of kitchen cabinet hardware that is completely modern, it would be this. You can match these to sleek contemporary cabinets that would be right at home in a New York loft or on traditrional cherry cabinets in the suburbs. Tubular bars look good in kitchens with mosaic tile backsplashes, pendant lights and dark cabinets mixed with lighter stone countertops.


Carved Tubular Bar Pulls. Put a little curve into your tubular bar pulls for another take on this modern style. The slightly rounded aspect makes these feel a touch more friendly and inviting than their more dramatic hardware cousins. Curved tubular bars can add a sense of warmth or give a contemporary edge.

Flat Bar Pulls. Whether vertical or horizontal, flat bar pulls offer a great transitional style that falls squarely in between the modern tubular bars and the classic knobs. These pulls look great on kitchen cabinets with Shaker-style doors and kitchens with glass backsplashes.

Curved Bar Pulls. With curved bar pulls, you can introduce just the right amount of decorative flair for a traditional kitchen. This style of cabinet hardware looks just as good on dark cabinets as it does with lighter wood tones, and really pops against stone backsplashes and marble countertops as well.

Artisan_polishnickelDark Knobs. Mixing kitchen cabinet hardware between pulls and knobs is a design trend that continues to grow in popularity over the years and allows you to pair the tradition of knobs with sleek modern pulls. However, if you prefer to stick to a traditional design scheme in your kitchen, go with dark knobs. They can contrast just as well with white cabinets as with those with light red wood finishes.

Brushed Metal Knobs. If you like the knob style and want to give your kitchen an old world feel, choose knobs in a brushedbronze finish.. The brushed or oil rubbed metal knobs are a versatile choice for lighter color cabinets and goes well with Shaker-style doors.

Choosing the right solid wood cabinets for your home and consider using under counter kitchen lighting as an accent when this room is not in use. Many kitchen designers add value to your decision making process. Whether your kitchen is cottage-style, contemporary or galley, complete the look with the right kitchen cabinet hardware.