Doylestown Kids Castle and Other Playgrounds

Kids Castle PlaygroundDoylestown, PA, is home to several fun playgrounds for kids such as Build the Kingdom, Kids Castle and Meyer Way Community Park. Kids Castle in particular stands out and has even been lauded along with other playgrounds in countries such as Sweden, Australia and France as a top attraction. Here is a look at what makes these playgrounds in Doylestown special.

A Playground Fit for Royalty

Kids Castle was built in 1997 and has recently passed a safety audit by continuing to make safety improvements in 2013-2015. The full name of this playground is Build the Kingdom at Kids Castle, and it is filled with magnificent child-size structures such as castles and turrets. It is comprised of four parts, or kingdoms, and one is geared toward children age five and younger. In addition, Kids Castle is designed to be accessible for all children, including those who use wheelchairs. The playground strives to address developmental needs by using sensory, emotional, mental and cognitive equipment in addition to serving as a physical outlet. Among the many features of the playgroundis a solar climber, chime panel, glide slide, a rockblocks curved wall and a hoop climber.

Old-Fashioned Fun

Meyer Way Community Park is technically in Jamison, a stone’s throw from Doylestown. It can be especially delightful for children on summer afternoons, as it offers a splash pole for bathing fun. Summer concerts are free and popular with families. In fact, there is something for everyone at this park, which makes sense since it stretches over 27 acres. Highlights for children include a small zip line, slides and plenty of climbing opportunities. While the children play, adults can relax in the shade, play basketball or take advantage of multi-use paths to run or bike.

When Kids Stumble

No matter how safe a playground is and how well supervised children are, accidents happen. For example, children can hit their teeth on the monkey bars or fall and chip a tooth. It is important that equipment is well maintained and not broken or rusty. That only complicates accidents and it is important that children use equipment designed for their age range. To help prevent accidents, also tuck in shoelaces and loose clothing.

If a pediatric dental emergency in Doylestown occurs, it is best to contact a pediatric dentist in Doylestown, PA. There are also some dentists that specialize in special needs dentistry for children in Bucks County. If the child injured has ADA requirements, the personnel at these offices have been specially trained and often well-versed in playground mishaps. Seeking professional attention as soon as possible also helpsprevent additional consequences such as infections, unnecessary pain, and in serious cases, increases the chances that a child’s tooth can be saved.

Facing Drug Charges? Rehab Is an Option

Drug Rehab ProgramNo matter which way you slice the pie, prisons do not perform well in rehabilitating offenders. Programs are frequently punitive, and according to a report in the Washington Post, about 66 percent of prisoners, within three years of their release, commit crimes again. In many instances, the new crime is more serious than the one that previously landed an offender in prison. This is especially bad news for people in prison on drug crimes. However, rehab should be an option for many prisoners if addition to controlled substances is an issue, particularly if someone is facing drug charges.

Clarify the Purpose of Prisons

Over the years, the purpose of prisons seems to have become muddled. In 2016, many of the crimes people are arrested for occurred while the offender was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is even more important to clarify that the purpose of prisons should be to separate violent and potentially violent offenders from society and work toward getting these folks on the right path. Drug crimes tend to not be violent, especially if they are defined by possession. People arrested for possession often do not have weapons on them nor do they have records of violence. It makes little sense to send nonviolent offenders to prison where they can be exposed to violent offenders and be influenced to become more violent in the future.

Boost the Bottom Line

The United States spends billions of dollars annually on its prisons; staggering sums of money also go toward drug courts and drug-focused police. Rehab means fewer reoffenders; that alone saved $4 for every $1 spent in the experimental Resolve to Stop the Violence Project in San Francisco.

Focus on Rehab

Rather than come down so hard on people facing drug charges, rehab programs should be an option. One approach is through education or re-education. Another is through therapeutic communities similar to residential homes. Whether a resident (formerly called a prisoner) needs help for alcoholics, cocaine addiction or another type of addiction, he or she would be presented with drug intervention programs in NJ. Basic needs such as quality nutrition and medical care could be partially financed by the judicial budgets currently going to jail systems. Mental stimulation would occur through courses taught on all learning levels. The evidence speaks for itself; prison college programs succeed where so many others fail in preventing inmates from reoffending after they are released.

Avoid Punishment for the Sake of Punishment

Research as well as simple anecdotal evidence shows that punishing people simply for the sake of punishment often backfires. In fact, it frequently makes offenders more violent. Violence begets violence, and many people were not violent before prison.

Rehab vs. prison should be an option a judge considers at time of sentencing. Let’s reserve prisons for violent offenders, who may be the people who truly belong in prison. A drug interventionist in New Jersey can help influence nonviolent offenders to accept rehabas an option before the court system event gets involved. It is important to get to the root causes of nonviolent crimes; drug addiction and alcohol recovery programs do work.Addiction counseling helps to break the cycle of dependence. Prison has won out for far too long in the battle of rehab vs. prison. It is time to change the playing field.