When Is Metal Spinning a Good Process to Produce a Metal Part?

There are only a few metal spinning companies in the United States that do big production runs. This process, also sometimes referred to as metal turning or spin forming, involves rotating a piece of metal at an extremely high speed against another metal part. The initial metal is then exposed to a high temperature, allowing it to be molded and shaped.

What Shapes Can It Produce?

You know you require metal spinning when you require a certain shape out of your metal. The shapes that are best-suited for this process include:

  • Cylindrical
  • Hourglass shaped
  • Hemispherical
  • Donut shaped
  • Parabolic
  • Conical

The process is excellent for making cookware, brass instrument bells, gas cylinders, liquid vessels and nose cones. It is also great for urns and ornamental lighting and lampware. All of these are often used in various commercial applications.

How Does Spinning Compare to Other Processes?

Similar metal forming processes include metal stamping and deep drawing. Metal stamping is essentially passing sheets of metal through a forming die and works best for rectangular shapes with limited depth. Deep drawing occurs when the depth of the component is greater than the diameter, which is achieved through compressive stresses.

There are several ways a metal spinning service can be leveraged over these production methods. Some of the benefits include shorter lead times, more flexible quantities and low-cost tooling. Another big perk companies should take note of is that metal spinning is a more environmentally friendly process. It produces much less waste and results in fewer emissions.

What Metals Does It Work For?

There are various metals that are great for spinning. One of the most common is carbon steel, and responds very well to the metal spinning process. It is far less prone to deformation and warping from spinning when compared to harder high alloy metals.

Copper spinning is quite common. While it is typically more expensive than steel, it does come with great electrical conductivity. Copper is softer than other metals, making it more susceptible to forming. Aluminum is generally used, and it is also highly malleable. It is much easier to create intricate shapes using aluminum than other types of metals. It is also naturally resistant against corrosion.

There are times when it is recommended to find metal spinning companies in Pennsylvania to help you create the parts you need. When dealing with a cylindrical shape a metal spinning service is often the only way to craft the component you need.

How IoT Devices Are Driving Manufacturers to Reinvent

Smart manufacturing can entail many different things combined into one. At the end of the day, companies need to develop devices and machines that allow them to implement new technologies that connect to the internet of things, share data with private servers and analyze this data for improved performance. This data capture and analysis allows businesses to grow and develop more effectively without having to halt production. For an industrial design firm, this tasks design engineers to develop new devices that leverage the Internet of Things for industrial machinery.

Companies often task an engineer to assist with developing new sensors and devices for manufacturing mechanisms. When choosing an engineer, he/she should be familiar with smart manufacturing.

Business Owners Are Recognizing the Importance of Data

The biggest advantage in which IoT devices help greatly is with the collection of data as a usable asset. Many different types of devices can be used to monitor manufacturing equipment, and as a business owner, you can use that data to improve various processes. IoT capabilities are now embedded in with manufacturing equipment, material handling equipment and robotics that are used everywhere today. Naturally, the executive team needs to know how to use this data in an advantageous manner. A designer of smart manufacturing equipment can work with business owners to customize solutions that work best for an organization.

This data can be used to improve processes, help develop solutions for workforce challenges, utilize production forecasting more effectively and even develop valuation reports for potential investors. The data serves as a diagnostic tool to determine where weak points are located. Automation that incorporated Big Data is a must have for companies to service in today’s economy and can show you where your company is heading in the near future.

Manufacturers Are More Aware of the Importance of Employees

Automation does not always lead to a replacement of jobs, just different skills required to do these jobs.Today companies are hiring IoT design engineers that specialize in manufacturing to build customized solutions. Equipment operators are tasked with programming equipment and work harmoniously with CAD/CAM technicians. Data analysis tools are part of the arsenal, but professionals need to make sense of the data and communicate information effectively with management. This this blending of IoT technology, manufacturing equipment and smart people are now part of the company culture today.

A smart manufacturing designer at an industrial design firm has become part of the fabric of many new product development companies. IoT devices are here to stay, so for a business to remain competitive and abreast of the competition, employers need to keep up. Whether your goal is to enhance efficiency, reduce expenses or increase sales, you are bound to benefit from the perks of smart manufacturing.

Kitchen Flooring – When to Use Wood vs. Ceramic Tile

Some homeowners want to renovate a kitchen immediately after moving into a new home. Others want to remodel after getting tired of the same old kitchen for years. Either way, there are numerous options, and you should seriously consider what your kitchen designer recommends. Often just changing the flooring if it is old and worn is enough to revitalize your kitchen. So this post discussed the benefits of either hard wood floors or ceramic tile floors in the kitchen.


Hardwood flooring has been used in kitchens for as long as they have been building homes for its durability and availability. It maintains its high-quality appearance for years as long as you maintain it with some deep cleaning every few months and a urethane coating for protection. It also maintains an almost timeless quality provided you select the right materials initially. When you renovate a kitchen, you may want to think about resale value and what other buyers are going to like. Hardwood is a solid option that stands up to the test of time. However, it does cost a little more than option flooring options with some reports averaging it costs between $5 and $8 per square foot plus the installation costs.


Ceramic is highly resistant against water due to the protective glaze the tiles receive following installation. Similar to hardwood, it is extremely durable, and tends to lasts over 20 years after installation or longer depending upon the quality of the tile and how well it is installed. One huge advantage is that there are many options in regards to color, style, motif that you can select from where hardwood is limited to the shades of wood stain you can select from. You can decide how big you want the tiles to be and what shape they come in. One consideration is that they do tend to get a little cold around winter if you choose not to have radiant heat under the tiles.

When Is Each One Best?

While you should follow the advice of your kitchen designer in North Jersey, you ultimately want to pick flooring for that can repel stains when a glass of red wine falls and can hold up to heavy traffic. It may help to look at photos of kitchen flooring to help you make up your mind. Sometimes photos can suggest what you should not do.

If you want to remodel your kitchen to make your house easier to sell, then hardwood is a good choice because it does raise the resale value in most cases. However, if you plan on living in your house for a while and want something that captures your spirit and personality, then ceramic tiles may be the way to go. Listen to what your kitchen designer recommends, and then follow your own intuition so that you get the most out of your next renovation.

Industrial Design Leverages Emerging Technologies

31Small businesses are often full of bright ideas. Still, even when individuals at a small company develop a brilliant product idea, they frequently lack the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle the mechanical and electrical design to see that idea through to reality. Industrial design firms give smaller organizations access to the engineers they need to turn their product idea into a prototype and eventually into production.

Medical Device Design

As baby boomers age, many small businesses are looking for market share in the geriatric healthcare field. Getting a device from idea to the shelf generally requires hours of engineering development and testing. Small business owners generally don’t have access to the time or equipment to design, test, and build devices. Fortunately, by outsourcing these tasks to industrial design firms, small organizations are able to advance ideas to production.

Wearable Technology Development

Like medical devices, wearable technology is everywhere today. Of course, creating top-notch, wearable devices requires marrying mechanical and electrical design. Relying on the expertise and technological abilities of contract engineers, small business owners take advantage of opportunities before they disappear. With the right wearable technology designer on board, organizations of any size can compete in the crowded wearable device marketplace.

Protecting Proprietary Information

No small business owner wants to develop a winning idea only to have it stolen during the development stage. The best industrial design firms in Philadelphia not only rely on top talent and state of the art equipment, they are committed to protecting proprietary information. For entrepreneurs who have trade secrets, blueprints, and other confidential data, executing a privacy and non-disclosure agreement before contracting for device development is a good idea.

Planning for Growth

As the marketplace turns increasingly digital, small business owners must plan for growth. Getting a head start on medical device development and production can be difficult without access to the necessary equipment required to scale production as demand grows. By creating a business plan and relying on third-party design firms, small business leaders get ahead.

In the fast-paced market of medical equipment, wearable technology, and other modern devices, entrepreneurs must move quickly to develop products and reach customers. When you contract with a product development company in Philadelphia, small business owners don’t have to feel left out of the modern marketplace. Instead, they rely on the expertise, personnel, and equipment at a reliable industrial design firms to get the job done. With some effort to protect proprietary information and a plan for future growth, small business owners expand their business offerings when they rely on third-party wearable technology designers to turn their ideas into prototypes that drive sales.

Preventative Dentistry for Kids Includes the Following

If you are a mother of young children, you realize the importance of helping your little ones develop good healthy habits. As part of your plan to teach your kids about oral health, we encourage you to establish a positive working relationship with your pediatric dentist. Every six months, plan to take your child for a checkup and cleaning. If your child has sensitive teeth or is exposed to sugary snacks, we often recommend dental sealants for kids that have a sweet tooth.

Dr. Ross will elaborate in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54jE9yjDHHw

Baby Teeth Establish The Foundation For Adult Teeth

Your child will have baby teeth for years, so you want to be certain they stay in good shape. With a good preventative dentistry plan, you can improve your child’s odds that they will have healthy teeth for years to come. In addition to helping encourage good oral health habits, we recommend discussing dental sealants and fluoride treatments for your children. By helping your child avoid cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease, your pediatric dentist can protect the baby teeth until adult teeth replace them. It is our experience that if the gums are in good shape prior to the arrival of adult teeth, the new teeth come in straighter and with less complications.

Establish Healthy Habits

To promote a life-long commitment to good oral health, parents must help their young children establish healthy habits. Pediatric dentists who focus on preventative care are more inclined to spend quality time teaching children how to brush properly, how to use floss, will discuss the importance of healthy snacks, rinsing behaviors and other dental hygiene practices. When instructing children under the age of 3, dentists generally make sure parents are brushing with their children so that kids can mimic parents as they brush their teeth. Some pediatric dentists may also recommend at-home fluoride treatments to help promote overall dental health. Dr. Radin and Dr. Levine are skilled at winning over the confidence of young children if they happen to be inattentive initially.

Achieving Positive Outcomes

When children have access to preventative dentistry, they generally experience positive outcomes overall. Not only are kids with healthy teeth usually more confident, they typically have more nutritious diets. Similarly, those who take good care of their baby teeth tend to have healthier permanent teeth. Because a child’s dental appointments help parents stay on top of the oral health for kids, adults experienced positive outcomes as well. At an early age, the dental services for children that a parent should be most concerned about is preventative dentistry.

Preventative dentistry includes more than just dental sealants for kids. While a pediatric dentist in Langhorne uses a variety of treatments to fix immediate problems, he or she helps establish the important habits your child needs to have a healthy mouth throughout life. Scheduling checkup and cleaning appointments early and often is a proven way to take full advantage of preventative dentistry for kids.


Press Maintenance and Safety is Important

custom metal stamping machineStamping metal components uses very large equipment that has often been around for a few years. To fill orders and reach new customers, managers must work to reinforce a safe metal stamping environment. Everyone who works on or around the press at the metal stamping company must be committed to press maintenance and safety.

Training the Individual

Before anyone can work on a large power press, he or she must receive and understand stamping equipment training. The type of training delivered should include information about wearing personal protective equipment like goggles, steel tipped shoes and learn how to operate the press safely. It should also outline procedures for identifying hazards and reporting risks. Progressive metal stamping requires everyone to commit to both initial training and retraining. With a comprehensive training program, supervisors are confident employees know the safety rules.

Having a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Metal stamping power presses are incredibly powerful machines. They are also very dangerous if someone operates them in a way they were not intended to be used. Metal stamping company supervisors realize they must have a zero-tolerance policy for press misuse or unsafe behavior. Workers also must conduct press maintenance evaluations truthfully, pledging never to overload presses or misuse equipment.

Using Die Blocks and Cable Covers

When trying to stay on track to complete an order, workers may be tempted to use die blocks for other purposes outside of their intended purpose. Simply put, the original die blocks for a project are company assets just as the equipment itself. Die blocks should not be used to stand on, raise bins off the floor or turned in a press to hold it open. When not in use, they should be returned to the tool and die inventory room. Likewise, no safety cable should be exposed. Instead, supervisors must be certain all necessary covers and other protective pieces are securely in place.

Identifying Hazards

To avoid accidents, the press must be free from all hazards, scrap, foreign debris or anything not part of the safe operation of a power press. Everybody on the floor must be responsible for identifying all risks without exception. Tripping hazards, sharp objects, and other dangerous items should be removed as soon as possible. If the hazards are fixtures, they should be clearly marked and included in safety briefings and with yellow or orange markings.

Making Repairs

Keeping the press in good shape is not only good for business, it is essential for keeping employees safe. Machines that have missing safety guards or tendencies to malfunction are ticking time bombs. Managers, shift leaders and supervisory personnel must take safety as a number one priority including all employees who work around the press. If equipment is not functioning properly, it is everyone’s responsibility to submit a work order for repairs. Progressive metal stamping company supervisors should also have the authority to stop work until the completion of a repair. No timeline or due date for a custom metal stamping project is more important that the safety of an employee. If you work for a metal stamping company in Pennsylvania, you probably have an independent 3rd party that helps oversee the safety environment of your metal fabrication shop.

Press safety and maintenance are inextricably intertwined. For stamping companies that are committed to reducing injury, there is no substitute for a safety and maintenance plan.

White Kitchen Cabinets Are Still Trendy

White Kitchen CabinetsFor homeowner’s looking to increase resale value, remodeling a kitchen makes sense. Still, swapping out old appliances, bad cabinets, and worn flooring requires a huge commitment. Unless you are planning to put your house on the market for sale immediately, you must live with the design choices you make. How are you to choose which cabinets to use? For virtually any space, white kitchen cabinets designed to fit your décor are still trendy. Here are a few reasons you can’t go wrong when you install white kitchen cabinetry.

Increase Visual Space

In many homes, kitchens seem dark and uninviting. When you look at most designer kitchen designs, by contrast, each room appears larger and brighter than they actually are. There is a reason designer kitchens look so great. In those rooms, white cabinets increase the perception of the visual space of the area. Since your eye doesn’t get caught up looking at dark wood or shadows, it focuses on other design elements in the room.

Promote Cleanliness

Whether you are a neat freak or not, you want your kitchen to look and feel clean. Since white is the color of cleanliness, white kitchen cabinets designed to fit help give your food preparation space a sanitary feel. Despite scrubbing, darker stained wood cabinets can often seem dull. Don’t let your guests think your kitchen is unclean. Instead, choose white cabinets to set a tidy tone for your home’s nerve center.

Complement Other Elements

If you’ve found the perfect slab of granite or the right refrigerator for your new kitchen, you may be concerned about cabinets clashing. That’s for good reason. If you choose too many bold elements for your new room, you risk getting a kitchen that looks busy and cluttered. When you opt for white cabinets, you can complement other design elements much better. Rather than having cabinets that contrast greatly with flooring, countertops, appliances, and other things, choose white and remove some of the clutter from your remodeled kitchen.

Invest in the Future

With a fresh coat of paint, white kitchen cabinets don’t show their age like other types of cabinets. Whether you plan to sell your house soon or own it forever, you can be certain your designer kitchen designs that include white cabinets will retain their designer, high-end look. Even better, if you decide to change design elements in the future, you will find that your white cabinets will be much more flexible with your new décor.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, you don’t have to be afraid of design commitments. By working with the right kitchen designer in Hamilton, NJ, invite the designer to suggest a few options of white kitchen cabinet designs. Two great minds work better than one.